Above is a digital sketch of one possible form that the presentation of the project could take in a typical gallery or museum context. Documenta Detour was an audience-participatory performance first and foremost, therefore we strongly feel that an exhibition of artifacts and collected texts will only serve as material presentation of the ‘results’ of our engagement.

In this configuration of our ‘findings,’ the left bookshelf will house all of the official catalogues and notebooks published for the documenta(13) exhibition; a total of 103 publications available for purchase at the price of nearly $1000. The contents of this shelf will be fixed behind glass and will remain inaccessible to viewers. The right shelf will contain original and translated volumes of the guerilla notebooks produced during our performance. Because these blank notebooks were purchased from the official documenta(13) bookstore, they will look identical to their counterparts but will contain the thoughts of visitors about the exhibition’s relationship to the city of Kassel as well as to themselves. This bookshelf will be open to anyone’s perusal and usage. On a platform between the two bookshelves, we will provide a laptop displaying the project’s blog flanked by framed artifacts on the wall above.